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Coleysia Chestnut was a cast member on Season 1 of Are You the One?.


She was 23 years old at the time of being on the show and was from Selma, Alabama, U.S.

Are You the One?

Coleysia's main relationship during the season was with Dillan Ostrom who turned out to be her perfect match.

Truth Booths

During her time on the show Coleysia went into the Truth Booth once with Dillan and they were a Perfect Match.

Perfect Match

On Week 5 her Perfect Match was revealed to be Dillan Ostrom thanks to the Truth Booth and the pair attempted to continue their romantic relationship which ultimately failed.

Match-up Ceremonies

Week Sat With
1 Dillan
2 Wes
3 Dillan
4 Dillan
5 Dillan
6/7 Dillan
8 Dillan
9 Dillan
10 Dillan