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Are You the One? is a American reality television series on MTV. It follows 20 people who are living together to find their perfect match. If all 20 singles are able to match up with their predetermined partners within 10 attempts, they share the largesr cash prize ever awarded by an MTV show and walk away with a potential partner for life. The first season was filmed in Hawaii and premiered January 21, 2014. The second season premiered October 6, 2014. The third season premiered September 25, 2015 and was filmed in Puerto Rico. The fourth season premiered June 13, 2016 and was filmed in Hawaii. The fifth season premiered January 11, 2017 and was filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally Aired
First Aired Last Aired
1 10 January 21, 2014 March 25, 2014
2 10 October 6, 2014 December 8, 2014
3 10 September 24, 2015 November 18, 2015
4 10 June 13, 2016 August 22, 2016
5 10 January 11, 2017

List of Episodes

Season 1

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
1 1 "You Can't Handle the Truth" January 21, 2014
20 strangers meet in the beautiful state of Hawaii, and learn that they will be living in a house with their perfect match. This perfect match has been chosen after interviews with friends, family and exes; compatibility testing; and match making experts. The contestants then spend the first day getting to know each other. The next day, they are introduced to their first Getaway Challenge. A Selfie Challenge. Each person will take ten pictures of themselves that does not reveal who they are. The guys will guess which girl the selfie belongs to, and vice versa. Jessica, Shanley, Wes and Joey win the challenge. Their dates are Adam, Chris T, Brittany and Kayla respectively. They then find out that one of the four winning couples will go into the Truth Booth to determine if they are a perfect match. On the date, Adam and Brittany leave their dates to spend time with each other. Wes and Kayla also connect on the date. Shanley and Chris T are chosen to go into the Truth Booth by a unanimous vote. They are not a perfect match, and decide that they do not care about the results. At the matching ceremony the couples only have two correct matches.
2 2 "The Temptation of Chris T" January 28, 2014
After only getting two correct matches, the contestants start planning for future matchups. Different strategies are offered, and they ultimately decide to go with Ryan's suggestion of picking different matches to gain more information. The cast then decides to have a party. Simone and JJ had previously connected, but Jacy has other plans. JJ decides he does not like Simone's jealous behaviours. Chris T and Shanley visit Pound Town after refusing to give up on their relationship. Ryan's journals go missing so Jacy and Kayla help him search for them. Ryan and Kayla connect over the fact they both keep journals. Dre hid Ryan's journals but refuses to admit it, and decides to get physical when the group confronts him. Brittany and Adam have a heartfelt conversation after their date the previous day. After Brittany starts to get too deep and talks marriage, Adam has second thoughts. The Getaway Challenge involves getting lei'd. The group has to couple up, and the top two pairs are the only ones eligible for the Truth Booth. One teammate is blindfolded, while the other must direct their blind teammate through a bamboo jungle twice to retrieve two leis. The top four couples will then move on to the second round. Dre and Shanley, Jessica and Ethan, Adam and Coleysia and Kayla and Wes are the top four teams. These four couples have to kayak to a buoy and back. The paddler will be blindfolded, and the navigator will shout instructions. Jessica and Ethan and Shanley and Dre are the winners, even though the rest of the cast believe that Wes and Kayla should have been allowed to win in order to send them to the Truth Booth. Jessica and Ethan are selected to go into the Truth Booth, and find out they are not a match. The cast then decides to play spin the bottle, and Scali and Paige connect after a kiss. At the matching ceremony, there are four matches.
3 3 "A Real "G"" February 4, 2014

Episode 3 opens with the cast skinny dipping to celebrate their four matches. Adam is unsure about his feelings for Brittany, even though he did not choose her for the matchup ceremony. Brittany and Ryan then strategise with the new information following the two matchup ceremonies. Brittany is convinced she and Adam are a perfect match, and will not listen to anyone about the subject. The Getaway Challenge is up next, but only the guys are playing. There are ten quotes on a board, and the men need to jump into the pool full of coconutes to find the one with the name of the girl they believe said each quote. The top three finishers with the most correct will win the date. The quotes and the girls are:

  1. I have tazed an ex before: Jacy
  2. I'm notorious for hooking up with people's brothers: Shanley
  3. I don't believe in God but I do believe in ghosts and spirits: Brittany
  4. My favourite sexual position is doggy style because in my head it's helping my butt get bigger: Simone
  5. I have stalked someone but I considered it recon: Coleysia
  6. I backstabbed an ex by immediately hooking up with an NBA player: Kayla
  7. I don't have a greatest life failure because I simply don't fail: Paige
  8. The most unusual place I have had sex was in a National Park during the intermission of my ballet recital: Amber
  9. The worst date I have ever been on was to Denny's and to top it off my date forgot his wallet: Ashleigh
  10. I have peed on someone in the shower before: Jessica

Scali, Dre and JJ won. Scali picked Kayla as his date to get back at Paige for choosing Chris at the previous ceremony. Kayla chose Paige as Dre's date because they are friends. Paige chose Simone for JJ, so that a couple who has chemistry can go to the Truth Booth. Coleysia and Dillan start to bond after an awkward matchup ceremony. Scali and Paige have a conversation about him not choosing her for the date. Scali is playing games and is being very vague. At the date, Scali is enjoying playing with Paige's emotions with Kayla as a pawn. JJ and Simone have an awkward date because Simone caught him making out with Jacy the night before. In the third unanimous vote, JJ and Simone are chosen to go into the Truth Booth. They are not a match, and the cast is in shock over how they are now three for three in unsuccessful Truth Booth matches. Simone is upset because she was invested in her feelings for JJ. He knows they were not a match, and is happy to be able to go after Jacy. Scali and Paige fight again, but then start making out in the closet when Scali plays with her mind. Everyone is drunk and making out. Adam and Brittany go to Pound Town, and Ethan and Amber make out. At the matchup ceremony, the cast is back to two correct matches.

4 4 "Karma's a Bitch" February 11, 2014
Amber confronts Brittany about her feelings for Adam, and everyone agrees they are not a perfect match. Coleysia and Dillan bond over cooking. Ashleigh and Dre start to connect. The next Getaway Challenge is here, and it brings back people from the guys past, their exes. The girls are the only ones who are competing in the challenge, and they have five minutes to question each ex. Adam's mum gives him spray tans, Scali's ex is still in love with him, and Ryan got his ex jumper cables as a gift. Dre is still married to his "ex", Dillan's ex still loves him, and Ethan cheated on his ex. JJ's ex says they will be together when he returns home. The girls do their best to match the guys with their exes. Jessica, Brittany, Jacy and Kayla win and choose Dillan, Adam, Wes and Ryan as dates. The exes and contestants then have a mixers where everyone gets to know each other. Kayla and Ryan's ex gang up on them. Coleysia and Dillan's ex bond even though she is still in love with Dillan. Coleysia questions Dillan on his ex, and he says that she will always have a place in his heart, but he has moved on. Brittany scares Adam and his ex with her crazy talk. On the date, Wes is upset watching Kayla and Ryan fall for each other. Adam and Brittany get into an argument because he tells her that they are not a match. Back at the house, the contestants are divided over who should go into the Truth Booth, Kayla and Ryan, Brittany and Adam or Dillan and Jessica. Jessica and Dillan are chosen to go into the Truth Booth, and they are not a match. After the Truth Booth, Adam tells Amber that he thinks she is his perfect match because he was initially attracted to her. At the matching ceremony, the group chooses people who have not been matched up before. They only get two correct matches. On, the first confirmed match is Ethan and Amber.
5 5 "Double Shot" February 18, 2014

After their fourth matchup ceremony, where they are continuously doing worse each time, the group starts to strategise over pizza. Amber and Adam start to kiss with Ethan just a few feet away. Amber is upset over Ethan's "uncaring" attitude, and Adam's pushiness with sex. Dillan and Coleysia continue to soldify their connection over born-again virgins. Dre and Ashleigh visit Pound Town. Kayla is conflicted over her feelings for Ryan and Wes. Wes and Ryan and complete opposites. Ryan does yoga and is sensitive, Wes is manly and prefers sports and lifting weights. Wes tels Kayla he was drawn to her by her gorgeous "blue" eyes, but Kayla corrects him to tell him her eyes are brown. At the Getaway Challenge, the couples must rappel down a waterfall. The four fastest couples will go on a date, and be eligible for the Truth Booth. Shanley and Ethan, Dre and Ashleigh, JJ and Jacy and Coleysia and Dillan are the top teams. The contestants also find out they can send two couples to the Truth Booth. The group parties after the challenge, where Kayla flirts with Wes, and Simone and Jacy fight. JJ starts throwing money on Simone while she is fighting with Jacy. This upsets Simone and Ashleigh who feel that Jacy does not care for JJ like Simone does. He tells Simone he loves her before throwing his watch through the window. JJ decided to sit out of the group date because he is confused about his feelings. Shanley tells Ethan that Amber is really into him and is upset that he is letting Adam come between them without fighting for her. Dre and Ashley and Coleysia and Dillan are going going into the Truth Booth. After finding out that Dre and Ashleigh are not a match, Coleysia and Dillan are the first confirmed Truth Booth match. The house parties after this exciting news. The next day Coleysia and Dillan move into the Honeymoon Suite. At the matchup ceremony the group is happy to have five matches.

  • Perfect Match #1 - Dillan and Coleysia
6 6 "Turn the Paige" February 25, 2014

After getting their most successful matchup ceremony ever and their first confirmed match, the group is strategising again. Brittany wants to be friends with Adam, and insists that she is ignoring him. He counters with "You made me breakfast". Simone decides it is time to break up Shanley and Chris T. She tells Chris that he is more in love with Shanley than she is with him, and that Shanley doesn't deserve Chris. Ethan and Amber have a heart-to-heart about their relationship, and they decide to see it through. Shanley and Simone get into an argument after Chris T tells Shanley about Simone's conversation. JJ and Wes are okay with them as a couple, but think they need to be more active in their search for their perfect matches. Chris is more into Shanley than $50,000. Chris and Shanley head on up to Pound Town again, and in the confessional he states he is in love with Shanley, and asks her mum to send more birth control. Brittany and Joey are getting along, and he is happy that their conversations are easy and never forced. The next Getwaway Challenge is called Kiss My Ice. The couples compete in a snow cone eating contest with the top four couples going on a date. The top couple earns a one-on-one date. The first round flavours are pickle juice and tomato soup. The second round flavours are fish juice with chunks of fish and jalapeno juice with chunks of jalapenos. And pigs' feet and kimchi joice which chunks of pickled cabbage is saved for the third round. The four winning couples are Brittany and Joey, Shanley and Dre, Amber and Ethan, and Paige and Chris T, with Brittany Joey earning the private dinner. Everyone agrees that Amber and Ethan should go into the Truth Booth because they are most likely a match and have been together since Week 3, and it would eliminate a bunch of couples from Week 3. However, Simone convinces everyone to send in Chris and Paige so that Shanley and Chris will be split up. She believes that Ethan and Amber are a match and will continue to pick each other, so going out on a limb to separate Chris is worth the risk. Everyone agrees. Joey and Brittany get along great during their dinner. Shanley and Simone get onto Kayla for leading both Wes and Ryan around. While on their zip lining date, everyone votes for the Truth Booth. Chris and Paige are sent in, and Shanley is beyond upset because she is worried that they are a perfect match. Paige and Chris are a match, and Simone and Shanley get into a fight. The episode ends with To Be Continued...

  • Perfect Match #2 - Chris T and Paige
7 7 "It's So Hard... to Say Goodbye" March 4, 2014
The episode starts with Chris and Paige awkwardly talking in the Truth Booth, and Shanley and Simone fighting in the house. Simone is happy that they have another perfect match, and that she has broken up Shanley and Chris. Shanley is upset that Chris is going to be going into the Honeymoon Suite with Paige. Scali is determined to take Paige to Pound Town before she leaves even though he knows that they are not compatible. During the fight, Jessica has a panic attack because her best friend Shanley is upset and fighting. Ryan takes it upon himself to comfort her. Kayla does not like seeing Ryan talking to another girl, and starts passive-aggressively arguing with him. Ryan and Wes argue in the kitchen. Scali sweet talks Paige into going to the Pound Town even though he already has his sights set on Jacy, who he says he will never treat like Paige. At the matchup ceremony, Scali tells everyone that he and Paige hooked up, which upsets Paige. After starting with two correct matches, the group ends with a total of five matches again.
8 8 "Getting Dumped On" March 11, 2014
The house is upset that they are doing so poorly at the game, and begin to wonder if they will ever make it to ten matches. Adam starts to reconsider Brittany as his match and talks her into going to Pound Town with him again. He knows that they are sexually compatible and wonders if they need anything else. JJ and Jacy start to fall apart when JJ tells her that he sees himself with her after the game. Jacy responds with "I'm not ready". JJ gets upset about this because he believes they are a perfect match, while Jacy is not convinced and wants to get to know the other guys in the house. The Getaway Challenge is called Well Hung. Each couple needs to hang onto a rope while sex-lube is poured on them. If either person falls off the rope, they will be disqualified. The last three couples on the rope will go on a date, with the winning couple receiving a private date. Joey and Ashleigh win the private date, but it doesn't go so well. Scali and Simone and Ryan and Kayla are the other winners. Scali decides to separate Jacy and JJ while selling himself to her. He tells her it doesn't seem like she likes JJ, but he really likes her. Kayla and Ryan get into an argument when he asks her to go to Pound Town with him, because she has asked him to go there with her in the past. She is mad and disgusted by his question, and starts to yell at him. When he tries to quiet her, she turns away from him, and insists she has morals to uphold. Ryan suggests she is hiding behind the word "morals" and isn't being herself, making Kayla irrate and causing them to separate. The rest of the cast hear the entire conversation and scatter when Ryan walks back up the stairs. Ethan decides to set her straight on the whole situation. Kayla then decides to tell Amber that Ethan kissed her a few days after they moved into the house. Amber is upset because she doesn't know whom to believe when Ethan tells her it was one kiss at the beginning of the show. Everyone decides it is time to have an intervention with Kayla about her behaviour. Wes is the only one to show Kayla sympathy. Jacy decides to have a pep-talk with Kayla which results in her beating herself up. Jacy jumps on Kayla to stop her until she calms down. After the confrontation, Kayla refuses to go on the date with Ryan. Scali is happy because he is not atracted to his date Simone, and can spend time with Ryan. Ryan and Kayla are voted into the Truth Booth, where they are not found to be a match. JJ pushes Jacy to choose between him and Scali, but Jacy says she cannot choose right now. JJ decides that he will not choose her at the matchup ceremony to the delight of Scali. As soon as the ceremony starts, Shanley kisses Chris. This ceremony ends with seven correct matches, the two perfect matches, and five chosen by the cast. Joey and Brittany are shown to be a perfect match on
9 9 "White Party" March 18, 2014

The cast celebrate their seven correct matches, but look at the possible matches that were wrong. Scali is convinced that he and Jacy are a match. The girls decide to have a lingerie runway show, then ask the guys to return the favour. Ethan and Amber decide they want Kayla out of the house. Amber questions Kayla's accusation, but Ethan apologises. Kayla and Wes soldify their connection after finding out Ryan and Kayla are not a match. Wes thinks Kayla was not able to be herself with Ryan, but can be with him. The Getaway Challenge starts, and the top three couples win a getaway date. The couples are tied together at the waist, and must use their clothes to gather as much sand as possible. The cast decides to use the same couples as the last matchup ceremony to verify one of those couples. The top couples are Ethan and Amber, Shanley and Adam and Scali and Jacy. The cast is then informed that all of the ten couples will be on the beach for a White Party. They find out they can vote any couple from the challenge into the Truth Booth. Shanley and Chris declare their love to each other, and talk about Chris and Paige's relationship. JJ gets drunk, and Jacy makes out with Scali. Jessica and Ryan also get closer with a kiss. JJ decides to take a drunk dip in the ocean, and everyone yells for him to come back. The next morning Chris T is seen leaving Pound Town with Shanley. The cast decides to put Wes and Kayla into the Truth Booth. Wes is nervous to be paired with Kayla because she is inconsistent with her emotions. Jacy decides to tell JJ that she wants to be just friends, and try to figure out if Scali is her perfect match. When they visit the Truth Booth, it is determined that Wes and Kayla are a perfect match. At the matchup ceremony, Jacy and JJ get into an argument when she chooses him as her match after telling him that she wanted to be just friends. They get eight correct matches.

  • Perfect Match #3 - Wes and Kayla
10 10 "Run Down with a Happy Ending" March 25, 2014
The episode starts off with more strategising. The group is trying to determine what one switch could give them a perfect ten matches. Jacy and JJ talk about Jacy's confusion with her choice between Scali and JJ. Ryan decides that he needs to figure out of Brittany is his match, but Brittany is convinced Adam is her match, especially since they visited Pound Town the episode before. Even though everyone else thinks they are not a match, Adam and Brittany visit Pound Town again where Brittany assumes she can convince Adam they are a match this time. Wes and Kayla are shown enjoying their time in the Honeymoon Suite. Wes voices his concerns about Kayla's sincerity. The next Getaway Challenge is underway. The top three guys win the challenge with a date of their choice. The girls give the guys massages with the guys are blindfolded. The top three guys are Dre, Scali and Adam, and their dates are Ashleigh, Jacy and Shanley. Brittany is confused by Adam's choice even after he says he does not have a connection with any of the girls, though Adam is over Brittany and her crazy drama. Dre, as the overall winner, can choose to go to the Truth Booth with his choice, or send another couple into the Truth Booth. Dre talks to Jacy about making a permanent choice between Scali and JJ. She is still confused, and Dre tells her to choose or he will. Joey starts to question the other cast mates on who their match is and why. Adam is upset because he believes Joey and Brittany are a match. The winners and their dates go on an ATV date, where Scali tries to convince Jacy that she needs to go with him. Jacy is upset that Scali had sex with Paige, though he still wants to go into the Truth Booth. Dre decides to send John "JJ" and Jacy into the Truth Booth. They are not a match, and the cast is happy to have one of their wrong couples verified. John and Jacy are upset, but the rest of the cast decide to switch John and Jacy with Scali and Ashleigh. Scali has decided to turn over a new leaf with Jacy. Brittany argues with Ryan and Joey over her choice in perfect match. Both guys believe they could be her match, but they are upset that she still believes Adam is her match. Jessica is upset that they are on the ninth matchup and she still doesn't have a connection with any of the guys. She starts to open up to Ryan, and hopes he could be her match. At the matchup ceremony, they get ten for ten perfect matches. 

Season 2

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
11 1 "One Too Many" October 6, 2014
The wild adventure begins with all new singles looking for love and money. The cast gets to know one another, hook-ups happen, relationships form and an 11th girl is brought on to shake things up. Paris and Pratt try to avoid the Truth Booth by faking a fight with each other, but the other housemates aren't pleased when they find this out. John accidentally fractures Briana's nose, causing her to temporarily be taken out of the game.
12 2 "The Truth Will Cost You" October 13, 2014
Relationships continue to form and several couples become convinced that they've found their match. Brandon and Christina stick together, while something personal allows Briana to become closer to Curtis. Layton and Shelby are entangled in love triangles. The guys dig up dirt on the girls.
13 3 "Virgin Tears" October 20, 2014
The house can't agree on a strategy. Shelby ends her love triangle, which results in Nathan having a meltdown over her. John tries to move in on Christina, but gets blocked by Brandon and Jenni sees a side to Layton that she doesn't like. Tyler continues to struggle making connections with the guys in the house.
14 4 "Loose Lips Sink Relationships" October 27, 2014

The house decides to relieve some tension. An alcohol-fueled mistake by Paris threatens her relationship with Pratt. A perfect match is found. The house has its most shocking matchup ceremony in Are You the One? history.

  • Perfect Match #1 - Pratt and Paris
15 5 "Strap Those Boots Tight" November 3, 2014

The house is stunned by the last matchup ceremony. With Anthony no longer being an option, Jenni thinks that Layton is her match. Ellie shares her feelings for Anthony, but does not get the reaction she wants. Brandon tries to move on from Christina. Another perfect match is found, which ends up tearing apart one of the closest couples in the house. The house has an argument-filled matchup ceremony.

  • Perfect Match #2 - Curtis and Shelby
16 6 "Parental Guidance" November 10, 2014
The ladies get a surprise visit from their parents, who come in to interrogate the guys. Jess and Ellie target Jenni, while tension between Layton and Anthony reaches its boiling point. The house has another failed matchup ceremony.
17 7 "Hot Salsa" November 17, 2014

After another failed matchup ceremony, the house is eager for a fresh start. Ashley finds herself in a potentially explosive love triangle. John believes he finally found his match in Jennie but the house isn't so sure. Brandon continues to make enemies in the house.

  • Perfect Match #3 - John and Jenni
18 8 "Dumped" November 24, 2014
Dario and Layton's battle over Ashley intensifies. Ellie is interested in Nathan, but Christina and Nathan believe they've found their perfect match in each other. Brandon and Briana get to know each other better. The house has to decide which couple to put into the Truth Booth. The wrong decision may cost them the game. Christina reaches her breaking point as the pressure of being the 11th girl begins to take its toll.
19 9 "Old Flames" December 1, 2014

Despite not being a match, Nathan explodes when Christina returns to Brandon. With just two matchup ceremonies left, some newfound connections are made between certain people in the house. Ashley's indecision over Layton and Dario may cost the house to win.

  • Perfect Match #4 - Alex and Jasmine
20 10 "One Switch, One Glitch" December 8, 2014

The rivalry between Dario and Layton comes to an end. Layton tries to figure out whether to make a connection with Tyler or Christina. Ellie and Nathan's heart to heart talk leaves her heartbroken. The house endures a final matchup ceremony. With one one switch away from winning the money, Layton makes a shocking decision that ends up putting everybody's game in jeopardy.

  • Perfect Match #5 - Dario and Ashley

Season 3

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
21 1 "Once in a Lifetime Chance Brings Romance" September 24, 2015
20 new singles come to Hawaii to find their perfect match with a $100,000,000 prize if they do so. This time if they black out in the matchup they will lose a quarter of that money.
22 2 "Can't Buy Me Love" September 30, 2015
Devin and Kiki get closer, while is costs Melanie to get to know Tyler a little better. Mike and Amanda still have their connection in the house, and when Alec couldn't show Stacey respect, she tries to move on with Hunter. At the Truth Booth Devin and Kiki find out they were not a perfect match but still want to be together. At the matchup ceremony the contestants get their first black out which costs them part of the prize money. It also means that two of the four couples from the first ceremony are perfect matches.
23 3 "Libido Limbo" October 7, 2015
After their first black out some couples know they have to move on, while others want to still be together. Stacey, now knowing that Hunter is not her match, wants to go back to Alec and Kiki wants to make a connection with Chuck. During the challenge, Mike, Chuck and Zak made selfish choices by choosing Britni, Amanda and Kiki for their dates. During the dates, Mike and Britni and Chuck and Amanda made some connections unlike Zak and Kiki but in the Truth Booth Zak and Kiki are not a match which made them happy. Austin thinks that strategy will help them win and tries to get the house focused on the game. At the ceremony, 3 of the 4 couples from the first ceremony return to each other, and the house is happy that they got three lights this time.
24 4 "Mazed and Confused" October 14, 2015
After the ceremony, some of the contestants are upset that some of the "no match" couples are still together. Alec believes Amanda could be his match, though she doesn't due to the fact he's a nice guy and she thinks she needs someone who can keep her under control. Kayla still wants to be with Connor which upsets Chelsey. Britni makes her move on Chuck, making him think they are a match. After the challenge, Chuck and Britni and Zak and Cheyenne go on their date and make connections. After the date, Hannah makes a move on Chuck, which causes things to get heated between her and Britni. At the Truth Booth Chuck and Britni learned they are not a match. Rashida thinks Devin could be her match but is upset about his relationship with Kiki. At the matchup, when neither Alec nor Devin choose her, Rashida gets emotional and leaves the ceremony. Kayla is upset that Connor wants to be with Chelsey rather than her; the house ends up getting two lights this time.
25 5 "The Little Merman" October 21, 2015

Kayla gets physical with Connor and wants him and Chelsey out of the house. Rashida wants to find her perfect match and gets support from the girls. At the challenge Chelsey wins and Melanie lets Rashida win her challenge. Chelsey chooses Connor for her date and picks Nelson for Rashida's date. Zak and Cheyenne kiss while Nelson is on his date. Connor and Chelsey are selected to go to the Truth Booth, where they are a perfect match. Nelson learns about Zak and Cheyenne's kiss and Chuck and Britni hook-up in front of the whole house, making Hannah feel betrayed and erasing any feelings she had towards Chuck. At the ceremony, Hannah reveals that Chuck has been having sex with her and Britni. Cheyenne also has some words for Nelson and the guys in the house; the house gets one light outside of Connor and Chelsey.

  • Perfect Match #1 - Connor and Chelsey
26 6 "Getting Lei'd" October 28, 2015
After only getting two lights, the house questions if they are going to win this. Kayla is upset that Connor is out of the house. Kiki and Chuck start to make a connection. In the challenge, Chuck and Austin win and they take Kiki and Cheyenne on their dates. Ryan lets the house know they are going to have a luau. Austin and Cheyenne go on an ice cream date, and Chuck and Kiki go on a helicopter date around Hawaii. Some people in the house think it's best to send Austin and Cheyenne in the Truth Booth, as Kiki has been sent in three times. At the luau, Hannah makes a new connection with Zak, Devin gets jealous of Kiki's connection with Chuck, and Chuck leaves Kiki for Britni, causing Kiki to cry and question whether Chuck is her match. Back at the house, Kiki tried to return back to Devin, but he is still upset with her. At the Truth Booth, Chuck and Kiki are voted in. Devin tells the house that if Chuck and Kiki are not a match, then he will have played Kiki. The Truth Booth reveals that Chuck and Kiki are not a match, which angers Devin and leaves Kiki emotionally upset since she only has four guys left. Tyler and Melanie continue to make a connection and wonder if they are a perfect match. At the ceremony, Tyler surprises everyone by picking Hannah and Devin and Kiki reveal their relationship. The house only gets three lights this week.
27 7 "Peanut Butter and Jealous" November 4, 2015
Devin goes to extremes to hook up again with Kiki. In other events, jealousy causes some to lose their cool; and other search for new romantic relationships.
28 8 "Sorry Dad" November 11, 2015
The girls are shocked when some of their exes to arrive to dish dirt on them; Kiki discusses her sex life with Devin; and the guys anger the girls with their decisions at the matchup.
29 9 "Breaking Point" November 18, 2015
Amanda pops off yet again; and the couples can't decide between playing for love and strategising to win.
30 10 "Never Give Up on Love" November 18, 2015

In the Season 3 finale, the house decides that a coin toss should decide their fate.

  • Perfect Match #2 - Zak and Kayla

Season 4

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original Air Date
31 1 "Perfect Match at First Sight" June 13, 2016
20 singles arrive in Hawaii to find love and win $1 million. There love-at-first-sight instincts are put to the test, with an extra $250,000 at stake. A love triangle between John, Julia and Emma leads to an embarrassing matchup ceremony.
32 2 "Punch Drunk Love" June 10, 2016
John becomes upset and punches a wall when he finds out that him and Julia aren't a match. Asaf and Francesca take a trip to the Boom Boom Room. Kaylen shocks the house when she tells them Giovanni "Gio" was talking about marriage.
33 3 "She Don't Want You" June 27, 2016

John decides to give up the game after finding out that Julia is not his match. Stephen believes Julia could be his match. Victoria and Camille confront John after he decides to give up. The group finds their first Perfect Match in the Truth Booth. Asaf takes interest in Tori and Camille. John confronts Stephen at the matchup ceremony.

  • Perfect Match #1 - Cameron and Mikala
34 4 "Three's a Crowd" July 11, 2016
Gio and Kaylen's relationship falters; and Asaf sleeps with the wrong person.
35 5 "Beer Goggles" July 18, 2016
Gio pursues Julia and every other girl in the house. Cam and Victoria have an unmemorable night.
36 6 "Momma's Boys" July 25, 2016

The guys' mothers reveal embarrassing information about them. Stephen becomes paranoid about Gio's interest in Julia and Francesca is caught in Gio's wolf den.

  • Perfect Match #2 - Sam and Alyssa
37 7 "Pulling Punches" August 1, 2016
The couples mix up the matches at an Adam and Eve party. Jealousy rears its head and punches are thrown.
38 8 "Great Ex-pectations" August 8, 2016

A cringe-worthy challenge brings the guys' exes to dish some dirty information. Gio and Stephen finally get the truth about Julia.

39/40 9/10 "All or Nothing" August 15, 2016

Old conflicts boil over when a huge fight leads to shock and tears. Kaylen and Gio get in an argument causing Prosper and the security team to calm him down. Asaf must decide to become a team player or play with his heart. The team are putting all of their eggs in the same basket for a set of matches that they choose by strategy.

  • Perfect Match #3 - Prosper and Emma
  • Perfect Match #4 - Cam and Julia

Season 5


Season Title Original Air Date
1 "The Aftermatch" April 1, 2014
The reunion of all 20 people in the house talking about their experience and what happens after the show. Ethan and Amber get engaged.
1 "Special Delivery" September 29, 2014
The cast of Season 1, reunites for Ethan and Amber's baby shower. During this reunion, the gender of Ethan and Amber's baby was revealed to be a girl. Both parents-to-be got emotional at the sight of having a girl. There were also conflicts between Scali and Jacy, Shanley and Chris T, and Ryan and Adam. The end of the episode resulted in most conflicts being resolved.
2 "The Aftermatch 2" December 15, 2014
The cast reunites to discuss all of this season's secrets, drama and unfinished business.